Dear colleges, coworkers, clients and friends 

ArbëriaDesign is a ‘product’ of excellent and creative teamwork of all our employees, clients and society that we belong to. Without support of those three ‘elements’ we would not be what we are today. Therefore, I’m proud to be on a leading position of this great union. Together with all those man and women, I will stand for further development of our divisions and I hope that together we will succeed and we will bring ArbëriaDesign in the market of European Union, a place where we aim to go.

General Manager


ArbëriaDesign is established in 1993 as a small local printing house by Mr. Hasim Hamzai in Tetovo. The capacity of the printing house, as a pioneer in the private graphic industry in that time was good enough to satisfy the needs of the newly established private firms in the area of Tetovo. Following the trends and always having in mind that a good company is one that is always one step before the others, in 1995 ArbëriaDesign has established it’s own design studio, employing a few graphic designers.It turns to be a very good decision especially in 1998 when ArbëriaDesign signed a contract with German Bundeswehr (stationed in Tetovo as a member of NATO mission in the Balkans) for complete design and printing of the weekly magazine Maz & More. Nowadays ArbëriaDesign has developed in to one of the leading companies in Republic of Macedonia in the field of graphic services. It operates with few different divisions offering many kind of services in field of design, graphic, marketing, outdoor and indoor advertising etc.